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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

House with blue vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular material choices for home exteriors, thanks to its eye-catching looks, easy installations, and low-maintenance properties. Despite their durability, though, your home exteriors can begin to fade over time. If your home’s materials have seen better days, you may be wondering, “can you paint vinyl siding?”, and the great news is that you can.

Whether planning to take the DIY approach or call a professional painting contractor in Baltimore, this guide will teach you how.

Why Paint Your Home’s Exterior

There are many reasons to consider painting your home’s exterior siding, with the most common being;

  • The vinyl siding was already in place when you purchased the property, and you don’t like the color.

  • Siding panels have become faded on one or more of the property’s sides.

  • You want to give your home a fresh appearance in line with your interior home upgrades.

  • The home exterior needs a new color to suit new landscapes and gardens.

  • You want a quick and cost-effective way to boost the property value before trying to sell it.

Whatever the reason for wanting to paint the vinyl siding, using the right method will be vital.

Things To Consider Before Painting The Home Siding

Before painting the vinyl siding, it is also advised to take some key issues into consideration. Firstly, the average cost of painting is between $1,771 and $4,347, while new siding could cost between $5,000 and $14,000 for most homes. Additional factors to consider include;

  • Painting can invalidate warranties, which may make it unsuitable for a newly installed solution.

  • Painting the siding can take a lot of hours if you take on the job yourself, although contractors provide a quicker and more convenient solution.

  • The color should be suitable, which usually means going no darker than the shade currently being used.

The great news, though, is that newly painted vinyl sidings can give your home a brand new look and vibe.

How To Paint Vinyl Siding

The painting process for any exterior material will differ from interior paint jobs, while vinyl siding has its unique requirements, too - and not only in relation to the color choices. Using this step-by-step checklist for guidance will serve you well.

Choose the right equipment

Before starting the assignment, it’s vital that the right materials are selected. The list starts with the right choice of paint and, if required, primer. Choosing a reliable is key, although painting contractors can take care of this issue as well as the work.

Other items needed for the job include a garden hose, masking material, painter’s tape, paint brushes, a roller with ⅜” nap, sponges, a bucket, laundry detergent, and general-purpose cleaning powder. The paint manufacturer may have additional suggestions. In this case, you should take note.

Clean the siding

Mix the laundry detergent (1/3 cup) with the general-purpose cleaning powder (⅔ cup) and oxygen bleach (⅔ cup) with a gallon of water to create your cleaning solution. Or multiply the ingredients accordingly if needed.

You should first use a hose to rinse away as much dirt and grease as possible, making sure to direct the water downward at all times. Starting from the bottom row of siding panels, you can scrub the dirt away with a sponge before you rinse and repeat the with the second row and so on.

Mask non-paint areas

When painting the vinyl siding, you need to know that only the panels will be treated. Masking materials and painter’s tape can be used to cover the door and window frames, along with any other hardware that needs treating.

Even the professionals use this step in their pre-painting preparation, and DIY painters should follow suit. Aside from preventing accidents, it will allow you to work with a far greater level of confidence. This can lead to faster speeds while also protecting the doors, trims, and hardware.


Do you need to prime before painting the vinyl siding? Many people will suggest that it is only worthwhile in certain situations. However, it’s probably best to better safe than sorry, not least because it is a quick job that delivers years of success.

Paint adheres to the layer directly beneath it rather than the old siding paint job, which is why applying primer to all siding panels with a paint sprayer and roller is advised. The primer must also be allowed to dry correctly, or else you will run the risk of ruining the paint job that is to follow.


Once all of the right preparations have been made, you can paint the vinyl siding panels onto the now clean and primed materials. The same equipment and techniques that were used for the priming should be used.

For the best results, you will need to add a base coat before letting it dry. Following this, you can add a second layer. In most cases, this will suffice. However, it is worth consulting the manufacturer’s guide for your chosen paint. Crucially, you must ensure that an even finish is achieved.

Clean up

Following this, you can complete any final touch-ups with a paintbrush and then remove the masking tapes to reveal the doors, windows, and hardware. You should now have a completed job and be able to dispose of waste materials and clean the painting tools.

After cleaning up the site, you should be left with a beautiful home exterior with fresh-looking vinyl siding panels. For the best results, you should also ensure that the project will be completed when it isn’t raining. Meanwhile, this is a great time to clean the windows and address any roofing issues.

Get Your Home Vinyl Siding Painted Todaypainting

The process of painting the vinyl siding isn’t overly complex, although simple mistakes can severely harm the results. However, it is a time-consuming job, especially when you take the preparation work into account. As such, most homeowners find that taking the professional route is the best choice.

Aside from a professional paint job, expert painters can identify potential issues with the siding that you would have overlooked. For peace of mind as well as the right solution for your home’s siding, contact Aurora Painting for an estimate now.

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