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Kitchen & Cabinet Painting Baltimore County

Complete Home Repaint

On this project, the homeowner was getting ready to sell. However, the house was in desperate need of fresh paint and updated colors. We painted every square inch of this house, but the most fun was getting to update the kitchen cabinets! Nothing says "buy my house" like a fresh coat of paint and some newly refinished cabinets!

Home Exterior Repaint

This project in Middle River Maryland was an excellent chance for us to flex our painting muscles. Being right on the water, this house had a partially exposed basement, 3 stories, and a 16-foot vaulted ceiling on the third floor. Let's just say this house was tall! It had been almost 20 years since the house was painted last and it was certainly ready for a fresh coat. Now, this home has a beautiful paint job that will last for years!

Exterior Painting Baltimore County
Basement Painting Baltimore County

Basement Repaint

On this project, the homeowner wanted to try something a little different. This industrial black ceiling is awesome for a number of reasons. Our favorite reason is that if you ever have a leak on the main floor or ever need to access any of the pipes or ductwork in the basement, you won't have to cut out any drywall, and you will never have to worry about stains on the ceiling. It's a great solution with an awesome look!

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